We are more than pleased with our little girl, Molly.  She is Torque and Dulce's Female pick of the litter from their March brood.  We have another 10 month old male Royal Blood Line Pitty named Logan.  He was so lonely we had to find him a match.  They are now inseparable.  Actually, Logan prefers that Molly sits on his head when they are resting.  They wrestle and chase each other all day while we are at work and neither dog has become territorial at all.  They share everything, including our time with them when we are home.  Molly was very easy to house train and has become a great listener.  She has rapidly become one of our favorite parts of our lives and has really become an amazing family dog.  We get compliments on her everywhere we go and people always want to know why she has such gorgeous blonde fur.  She loves the attention, and will lick anybody's hands off. There isn't any question that she has come from some very strong and athletic bloodlines.  Molly is the unequivocal, strong-willed and determined Pit Bull.  She is ever-willing to please.  In my 16 years of Pit bull ownership I must admit that Molly's drive is unparalleled.  For example, we took her to the dog park in Huntington Beach and we have the large Jolly Ball toys with the rope that goes through the middle. I throw it in the surf and Logan usually brings it back or lets the waves wash it on shore before he brings it to me.  Molly was very hesitant for the first couple of times, but after watching Logan and I from the beach for long enough she became obsessed.  She will now fight the surf and currents all the way out, maybe fifty yards, to retrieve the big floating ball. and drag it all the way back without ever letting go.  You should see the crowd of people that come to witness her amazing ability and drive.  I can't wait to get her pulling sleds and competing in the near future.  She is beautiful and her muscle tone is also unparalleled for her age. 

We are more than happy that we found Blue Fawn Kennels, Gene, and his family.  They have helped coach us at different shows and events, and I hope that we will have such amazing results when we breed Molly with Logan.

This is the Bloodline you NEED to own.  Temperament, Agility, Strength, Loyalty, Drive, and Beauty.  What more could you ask for when considering adding to your family?

Matthew D. Newman & Nan Cheng
Monrovia, CA

Bonjour Gene,
After Long research, we finally find the rights kennel for our family, Blue Fawn Kennel of Temecula.
After few conversations, we decide to adopt your puppy FM (French Manicure). We were looking for a calm and submissive pit-bull and we fund it.
She makes a long trip from California to Alma city, Quebec (Canada). Fearful but curious she got out of the crate and came to us with happiness. She is now 15 weeks old and she’s so a great dog. As we are French Canadian, she is now barking in French… ;)

Thank you and your family for your patient and your professionalism,

Sincèrement merci,
Maxim, Sara, Lea and our 3 dogs.


Thank you SO much for blessing us with such a beautiful, obedient, submissive little puppy!

The moment we met her, she was absolutely stunning! Our jaws shook the earth below us as we stood in absolute awe at her! She was extremely nervous to meet us for the first time [trembling]. We wrapped her in a towel before the two hour trip home. It took her MAYBE 15 minutes of our warm-hearted company to let loose, unwind, and begin to crave our attention. She quickly, thereafter, embraced us with her passionate puppy love and affection.

Our first night, we heard not a single whine, nor a single bark, nor any sign of aggression. We took her out a few times to "take care of business." Soon as she finished, we'd greet her with a treat for her job well done; she loves it! 

I've had dogs prior to her, but NEVER one that loved their crate so much! 

Gene and his family have blessed our home with one of God's most precious gifts, and we are forever in debt to him for this perfect little girl.

Thank you, and your family for raising such loving pit bulls!

Kris & Suzi 

Hi Gene,
We bought Bella (Socks) the 1st week of May. She was shipped from California to Atlanta and from the 1st time we looked at her we were overwhelmed with love and instant dedication. It felt right. We were looking but not to buy. We had all types of opinions we search breeder after breeder and nothing made sense, up until to we saw Bella!!!.
She was sent only from God! She had all the specifications we were looking but never came up with. Her breeders, her parents, her looks and the look in her eyes that spoke to our hearts tying everything up in a bundle of joy only pushing us to bring her in to our family.
Gene was only GOOD and PATIENT with us. We had all types of questions and he was there to clear them up. Didn’t matter what time it was he always returned our calls and messages. Man of his word J. Everything he promise was true. No problems with registration. By the way we have our Seventh Generation Pedigree with the UKC. Over all we had a pleasant experience. We are proud owners of a True/Top of the Line American Pit Bull Terrier. 

Edgardo and Jolisse from San Juan, Puerto Rico.